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About Us

About us
        Our company is a producer of fine jewelry with national design by using the ornaments of nomadic people. You can see some of our products on our web-site www.keldike.kg
        Jewelry from "Keldike" -has more than 1000 variations of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets made of silver 925 with natural stones, such as turquoise, malachite, coral, pearls, etc., handmade by the best Kyrgyz craftsmen (please watch the video about our production Описание: https://yastatic.net/mail/neo2/_/Q79exothQy0eqGpEScw20S8cMWk.gifhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJjNMk23v1o ) Wide range and diversity gives more options to consumers with all kind of tastes and preferences to find suitable jewelry for themselves. Continuous improvement of the lineup allows us to keep up with the time. Many tourists and foreigners are very interested in our product because we represent nomad's history and a history of a Great Silk Road, because what we produce is a treasure, brought to the present through centuries, combining unique design and high quality. This year two of the Company’s craftsmen and designers received the highest award from the foundation of Carl Faberge for their contribution to the art of Jewelery.
        First Jewelry Company "Keldike" declared itself in the Kyrgyz market in 2004 as a small company for the production of jewelry. Throughout its history, Jewelry Company "Keldike" is steadily and rapidly developing, constantly expanding and updating collections of jewelry.
        Today the company " Keldike " is one of the leading companies in the production and sale of jewelry in Central Asia . The Company's retail network has more than 6 retail stores, including a store in the area DUTY FREE, in the international departures hall of the International Airport "Manas" and a store in the International Airport of Almaty (Kazakhstan)."Keldike" Company also exports production to Europe, China, countries from the CIS e t c. We also have online store www.keldike.kg, and deliver our product worldwide. Every year the Company " Keldike " is a participant of international jewelry exhibitions such as "Aru -Almaty ", "Aru - Astana", China Expo , the exhibition in Budapest , presenting the arts and crafts of nomadic people .